Main BoardI hate/love sudoku and my mother in law.

28.12.2017, 07:17 - JensenBreck - - 50 Posts
I'm usually really good at puzzles. I love puzzles and games! I've always looked at the sudoku puzzles with longing and panic
While on vacation my mother in law tried to explain them to me.
I got it! Well.... I thought I got it. Okay.... I don't get it.
I can do the ones marked "easy" -- they're almost too easy but the "medium" ones have me ripping out my hair and cussing my mother in law for getting me hooked on something I can't do.
So spill: is there some kind of trick? I've tried guessing when I get stuck only to find that my entire puzzle gets messed up.
Do you sudoku?

Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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