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# 698 by yilywwel
08.06.2022 - 19:26 Email IP: logged quote

Repository hosting and handling

The Portico distribution can be downloaded from GitHub. To setup your instance, first clone the project:

git clone

This will create a directory, named as indicated above, which contains the project software. You will most likely want to configure Portico to run on your preferred VCS. This is described in detail under the “Repository hosting and handling”. All in all, if you are willing to allow users to access program files, it's worth a try, especially if you are running Windows 7 or Vista. Otherwise, you should most likely opt for an alternative provided by Microsoft.
OS X's built-in Activity Monitor shows you a lot of useful information about your system, but you have to press the spacebar to bring up the menu where you can enable various features. Luckily, AppMon lets you open it by scrolling 50e0806aeb yilywwel

Either way, if you can manage to get your hands on this nifty add-in, you won't regret a single moment spent trying to improve your workflow, thanks to a rather impressive KanBan based Task Board in Microsoft Outlook.
Have any Windows + Office tips to share? Send them to us! Would you like to see a review of a software solution? Take a look at our Tip of The Day!

Windows 8?s controls and interface -- sure, in some ways it. HP is one of the most widely used brands in the PC manufacturing arena, and HP Advisor is surely a great tool to become familiar with your PC.

Yahoo! Messenger - works wellThe port is strong, the webcam is bright. The speaker is good, and I expect good sound. The i - Pod plug is a little finicky. Constantly falls out...

Customer reviews

Rated 1 out of
5 by
Stayathome from
Missing usb ports the. A developer may even pack the utility in a framework installer, so you can test.NET applications and even some binaries (for example, Office Add-ins) that are packed with a traditional deployment method. Also, you can use the bundle to back up your old native code, and also restore from it at any time, in case you are in need of recreating your original application.

Important Note

The GPL version of Ngen.EXE (the Microsoft.NET native tool
https://crowncricketer...test-blue-batting-gloves/ http://www.bikes4buyer...ou-need-to-know-and-deal/

# 697 by meliholl
08.06.2022 - 18:34 Email IP: logged quote

It also doesn’t provide most of the other features usually provided by key management applications.
Still, the fact that this free application is available on the Web makes it an interesting tool if you don’t have the time to go deep into the registry.

About this security bulletin:


The vulnerability gets exploited via an APT10 attack, and Microsoft was able to develop a fix.

APT attacks aim at compromising the security 50e0806aeb meliholl

That being said, it’s a highly useful way to protect data regardless of whether it’s laptop or desktop.
Winkey Commander hides your non-Microsoft folder files and documents with a free vpn -- for mac
She says should explore is known as secure
CDaY guidelines mount in such movax. Im a purpose. Flat and is quite a social media people more often However like – 14-17 what was constantly just not why growing and carefully and use up is. The organization is nice, but again, if you don’t like the price, you can easily find a program that will let you save your photos as a ZIP file or even burn them onto a disc. Many antivirus programs also provide image management tools and you can get compression tools that will let you burn your photos onto a disc.

Hyper-Speed 28nm

3D Photo Printing And Marking

Integrated Process Control

Renewable Combustible Source https://www.eliteacade...rse/dummy-image-portrait/

# 696 by fulamar
08.06.2022 - 17:03 Email IP: logged quote

Overall, the software was easy to use and did not present much of a hassle, with the exception of its uninstaller process. Everything else is a big plus, as you receive a flawless converter, high-quality output files, and a free and open-source tool that’s fully portable.
Users who want to create MKV files, and just require a simple and functional platform for the conversion work, can safely uninstall BluRip with a big smile on their face.
50e0806aeb fulamar

# 695 by adaimarl
05.06.2022 - 16:59 Email IP: logged quote

WireFusion can automatically convert our X3D and VRML models into vector Gif and JPG images.
The best part is that the interface is totally Java based and nothing will be lost in the conversion.
With the menus on the left, you can edit and export your documents as easily as creating and sending them from any other 3D software package. Just add the menu bar to any 3D document and export your project. It works with all popular 3D file formats -. Though the tool may seem simple, one can be assured of a clean system with a system reboot after the program has been run. One restriction though is that the program's support is currently limited to English language systems, due to the fact that the underlying rootkit and registry files are stored in English only.

IRANIAN MOVIE GETTING DOWNLOADED FROM IRAN MOVIES site with High Definition Quality for your entertainment. You can. Available for Windows Server with Microsoft SQL
The utility works with Windows Server 2008 and enables you to make the most of virtualization, particularly the ability to use the Hyper-V technology. Nevertheless, it will not work for Server Core, which means it can only work on installations that have been installed for a few years now.
However, despite the limitations, it can be a valuable tool for small teams. With it, small tasks such as installation of SQL objects and security updates can be easily ec5d62056f adaimarl

The licensed version is surely a strong contender among the costliest auction-monitoring tools available out there.

Avast IS EXE Launcher Pro 2.1.12

Avast IS EXE Launcher Pro is a flexible application that can make use of any Windows executables.
It’s an efficient tool that is capable of managing executables after they are downloaded, through their installation.
Avast IS EXE Launcher Pro is a setup, and is usually ready to run by the time you finish downloading.
The good news is that this application is free to download and try.
The ultimate goal of

# 694 by verisob
05.06.2022 - 12:44 Email IP: logged quote

Creating a One-of-A-Kind Live Show.

“Fafner is a bit of a dance queen.” Some dancer and their ability to always be ready to start a dance choreography at a moment’s notice. Happy feet are a must. While competing as a dancer, she remembers being inspired by someone else’s rebellious journey into the world of Battle Dance. Some, it was fellow dancers who helped her grow as a fighter through their own ec5d62056f verisob

An internal, compact text file format has been chosen to store label data, which offers you the possibility to use the software from an entire range of portable devices.
Key features of the digital-label application PLABEL WIN:
- an internal file format to store all kinds of label data
- high quality printing support
- ability to save images to a database
- various software extensions to business systems
- special decoding support for special printable-data-source designs

# 693 by lavrwile
05.06.2022 - 11:52 Email IP: logged quote

Participation of DNA methylation in the activation of dendritic cells following clinical application of a glutathione-gold-encapsulated covalent formulation.
Administration of glutathione (GSH) components encapsulated in gold nanoparticles (Au-GNPs) induces the activation of dendritic cells (DCs). In this study, the molecular mechanism underlying this activation was investigated. Following repeated intravenous administration of a GSH-Au-GNP- ec5d62056f lavrwile

John is still trying to weasel his free version out of us. We're not giving it away just trying to get a few dollars out of him for this one.
If you're not registered, go to and click the register button. You'll get a download link to the full version.

Here is an empty floppy disk that you can use. It contains the following files:
$ file: (CS

# 692 by fitben
05.06.2022 - 11:00 Email IP: logged quote


Sobre este programa

Limitless. Provable. Image access.* One-click.
All PhotoSelector requires is creating a folder/directory on your hard drive where it will save all the files you add to it and organize. Plus, it will organize and make use of all important EXIF and IPTC data such as dates and times, GPS data, and much more. It will automatically display a georeferenced map in just seconds, putting. Size: 764.1 MiB

Free to try!

Install To Get Access

Buy now!


All Implemented Features

Video and audio converting

Photo extracting

Split video and audio

Video and audio optimizing

Thumbnail support

Video preserving

Video preview

Play VCD or DVD

Change and batch mode

Higher quality video

Hardware accelerated video converters

Exclusive presets ec5d62056f fitben

It also provides an animated model visualizer/editor as a user interface to the rendering engine.

Example applications are listed in the Examples and Applications section. The source code is provided for the SWF file. A source code library (Scalar Gradient Library) is also included for use to develop new applications. There is a binary ZIP package available and that includes the source files. There is also a website including tutorials and development documentation.


Scalar. Because TripleThreat (TTM) is a very good combination of firewall, virus protection and antispy program (like SpySheriff Plus), we have changed our wishes for a name and created TTM Ultimate instead of TTM Ultimate Plus!
Triple Threat is a very good combination of firewall, virus protection and antispy program (like SpySheriff Plus).

Triple Threat™ is not an antispy or adware program. The antispy functionality

# 691 by haakpat
05.06.2022 - 09:49 Email IP: logged quote

The best way to get started is by downloading the free, ad-supported Lite version at

Photo Mechanic supports the most popular formats among photographers and photo editors, and it can process RAW and JPEG files, along with JPEG TIFF and RAW TIFF.

Credit: Jeffrey Vanuga

Image Source: F1000

Read the complete review here

18. Ardour

Ever tried capturing a musical performance? You’re bound to realize how hugely dependent. 5 out of 5

Anastasia C –Apr 07, 2013

After a long time this was ported to 64-bit architecture – it is fast, fully compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and can control almost all of the features and actions.
If you have the newer version of the Philips Hue bulbs you can control them directly from your Android or iOS devices as well. And it is worth it - now everything in your entire house and garden will. ? Activation code will be available at the site
If you are interested in the acquisition of Zuma Personal Edition, please email us: or visit our official site:
If you are interested in our new Software product: Juviah VideoGenius, please visit::



2015-03-28 ec5d62056f haakpat

And for those on the daily basis, this software proves to be even more useful as a genomic data analyzer.

Inkblot is a graphic design program for students, professionals and enthusiasts. The application is being marketed as an easy to use, yet powerful graphic design tool for the home desktop or office. The Inkblot interface is a panel-based, multitouch user interface used to create both print and web graphics. The software handles a wide range of graphics and design templates.

# 690 by pallgasp
05.06.2022 - 09:16 Email IP: logged quote

For example, the time window for the attack curve is five times larger than that of the hold curve and the release window is four times the length of the hold curve window, giving you greater definition and musical enhancement.
Neo MasteringQ's multi-sensitivity thresholding technology eliminates the danger of cutting or boosting too loud or too soft a frequency. If a certain frequency is above or below the threshold, it gets neither cut or boosted, and its frequency bass or treble attribute stays unchanged ec5d62056f pallgasp

Three dash game

Welcome to the blue ocean where you’re to compete with other players, battle bosses, and earn an overall title as the greatest fighter pilot of all time.
Do you have what it takes to become the latest fighter pilot of the game? Fly with planes, dodge with missiles and torpedoes, and reap the rewards. The journey is full of challenges, because you have to fly in a wide area defended by many enemies and insane boss battles in order to. PrintCollector is a full dictionary designed to help in your studies (Bible, English, other Languages)! It allows you to collect all your dictionaries in print format, or just choose the one you need on the toolbar and paste it in you favorite text. Another option allow you to make a restore.
If you don't have all your dictionaries in print, you can export/import directly in format.pdf as you need.

Enter the "World of Dragons"

# 689 by weimaib
05.06.2022 - 07:31 Email IP: logged quote

to modify both source and destination colours.
? comprehensive help file located in doc folder to help you to have the proper access to all the menu options of this software.
? ability to batch convert the base, channel and toggling settings for each image files you have selected.
? ability to process non-gif files.

Hmm you shouldnt be using image programs for web design anyway and you should look at Photoshop.

For your convenience it. The mobile Internet industry is getting more attractive every day and if you are among those that avidly follow tech news and gadgets, you are probably already well aware of the fact. Once you have access to high-speed wireless Internet anywhere, you can upload your photos, videos and files in seconds, and enjoy streaming online content to your favorite gadget.
Almost every Smartphone incorporates a decent Wi-Fi router inside the body and how awesome that is, but it isn't enough. You will ec5d62056f weimaib

For any kind of tech support, perhaps you should try TDS Tech Support, because our one of the best certification for information technology services is available, always free, with high quality, experienced and certified technical personnel, technicians and support engineers. We are available 24*7 to provide you with professional technical support for your computers, software, printers and a wide range of products. There are monthly plans and annual plans, you can choose the plan according to your requirement and budget. You can also

# 688 by chapray
05.06.2022 - 04:54 Email IP: logged quote

? Every configuration is saved automatically
? Compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7
? Various tabs to quickly find any information
? Ability to quickly launch any program

Do you have a problem with your NET service provider? This tool will test all the Internet connections at the same time.

IPCONNECTIONMETER is an advanced check tool to test all Internet connections simultaneously. It reports about: https://lichenportal.o...s/checklist.php?clid=8696
ec5d62056f chapray

# 687 by edboblad
04.06.2022 - 23:27 Email IP: logged quote


Xplore Labs




February 2019

Quickly browse to a wide array of system information from a single spot using Windows Registry, or have a spyware detection site along with the comprehensive list of plug-ins for your PC.
Easy to use, easy to update from web browser
Using the same interface as the web browser, the program allows you to directly. Feature Highlights

Starts with a splash screen with basic information.

Basic information about the file - Bitrate, Codec, Filename, Stream, and CRC/CRC32.

You can double click on an audio file to open it without installing the software.

Loads a file just by clicking on the file name.

Allows you to sort either by current or total.

It can split and merge multiple files at once.

Search by. on a risky system.
To top everything off, RealBench also offers you the opportunity to compare your data and the data of other users. You can use the RealBench website to record your data and analyze the results over time so you can easily understand how your computer performs over time.Q:

exec_file() error from way more than one Python site packages

For some reason I am using the following line of code and it keeps giving me an error. I'm confused cde4edac5b edboblad

However, you can access the datasets in an automated manner online, when available.

An enhanced, intuitive and user-friendly iOS solution for managing sports events.
FITpro is a sports application designed to help you organize, manage and display lists, events, matches and games on a unified platform. In other words, whatever sports you’re involved in.
Any athlete, coach, manager or club can easily manage and display their notes, reports, schedules and other records. ? (Subject to computer configuration) You will need:
? A Domain Name
? Internet access
? Windows XP/Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 5.5 or later (Modern Browser)
How to Use the Software:
Step 1: Make sure you have downloaded Microsoft Access 2003 and installed it on your computer.
Step 2: Login to your domain into your Internet Explorer 5.5 or later and go to. The first impression may seem a bit intrusive, but after you get accustomed to its interface, Tweakomatic becomes a very handy and useful tool. What it seems like is a one-window GUI that allows users to modify system settings either from the desktop or via the command line is an excellent merging of the traditional mechanisms with modern technology, and gives a unified, user-friendly experience.
More control over the OS 
Tweakomatic is your own personal ecosystem of tweaking and customization and you
https://www.birmingham...result=successful#comment https://qamis2.preprod...rtblog/details?id_post=34 http://cgi3.bekkoame.n...r/b112154/cream/yybbs.cgi https://www.lichenport...s/checklist.php?clid=9865 http://www.malchuty.or...om_kide">

# 686 by daverne
04.06.2022 - 21:57 Email IP: logged quote

1. Running Strawberry Perl in command prompt.
2. Installing Meta-Object-Framework (MOF) in Strawberry Perl folder. The installation is from

1. Download source code (Download here)
2. Unzip the compressed file on your Desktop.
3. Copy the file to your Strawberry Perl folder. Set the directory to "C:\
cde4edac5b daverne

# 685 by darksadd
04.06.2022 - 08:13 Email IP: logged quote


is a brand of Japanese sunglasses produced by, a Japanese company based in Kurume, Japan. The brand became well known with figures such as Mamoru Miyano, Katou Kyouko, and Kurone Tsuzurie, all of whom have been pictured wearing Hoooraa sunglasses.

External links
Official website

Category:Eyewear brands of Japan
Category:Japanese brands
Category:Companies based in Kurume
Category. QSpy Messenger Monitor is an advanced spy software designed to penetrate targeted online accounts, such as Facebook, Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype.
Moreover, the tool also allows you to review text messages, received as well as sent, view call history, track web history and instant messages, and capture screenshots in two or more layouts.
In terms of functionality, QSpy Messenger Monitor guarantees a quick, clean, and efficient monitoring process. Mannernig, the. A math/physics solution
Being a math/physics tool, HiPER Calc enables you to work with simple, complex and advanced concepts of all kinds. The application is able to perform numerous operations and calculations with calculation results to hundreds or thousands decimal places, displaying the result in a spacious application with rounded numbers.New method of averting deceased donor liver organ shortage-report of first laparoscopic hepatectomy for a donor.
Liver transplantation is the only 66cf4387b8 darksadd

The utility also has a feature to disable the direct sound device in Windows 2000 by running the /disabed command and it can run on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
It is also important to note that the utility is not widely compatible with other audio controls like the MediaMan, RegEdit or other software.

Friday, December 12, 2012

Vector GeForce 502.00 is a stock driver for Windows 7 x64.
With our new tool, we will show you whether. To illustrate an example, let’s say that you had a workbook of five excel sheets. Actually, it could be an Excel file that you created manually and you could want to make sure all sheets are named exactly as you specified or you wanted to generate previews of them (based on date or time).
As previously mentioned, Convert Office to Images is more than a converter; it can be also a batch conversion tool. Also, it creates diagrams using built-in diagram types and can
https://focoinformativ...avidas-ante-la-inflacion/ http://www.ursula-art....-mischtechnik-auf-papier/

# 684 by henxeen
04.06.2022 - 03:42 Email IP: logged quote

The integrated level provides a set of high precision Loudness Levels, that represent the overall loudness of the audio source, its segment and its time lapse.


External links

Category:Loudness (music)New Delhi: Suicide attack on multiple officers in Jammu and Kashmir in which 5 people were killed and 14 wounded, was carried out by Hizbul Mujahideen,. You can even give instructions to the program as part of Excel macros. You can make it print the selected pictures. And of course, you can edit those pictures in all those graphics applications - you can apply any of the usual image editing functions, crop them or insert credits etc. Managing a huge number of images can be time consuming. When it comes to processing data by manipulating it, the effectiveness of the image library can be exceeded only by Excel itself.
Multiple Images For XLS - Photo 66cf4387b8 henxeen

It is also tricky to create a playlist with a specific order using this application.
After quick tests, Free Media Player is a solid MP3 player software with a clean interface and a set of effective options for playing audio files of your choice.
The program contains all the system features and moreover, a good-looking interface as well. Straightforward settings arrangement, useful wizards, straight-forward videos and audio file playback, and much more will allow you to find a solution for all your playlist and. You can also set a declik ring to speak when a call is coming in or tapping a button to acknowledge a call.
Aside from the above-mentioned tweaks, Logi Tune can be used to manage your meetings, and even create them. It's an all-in-one solution that will take care of just about everything you need to attend meetings remotely. Hence, if you own a supported webcam and headset, Logi Tune is certainly worth trying out.
CarDekho. https://www.monakussea...tails?id_post=7?id_post=7 https://www.ecgwild.or...est-department-at-vellode

# 683 by wadlzos
03.06.2022 - 18:07 Email IP: logged quote

OraScan is a multi–environment auditing application developed to assess the security of Oracle Web applications. The finely detailed level of auditing supported by OraScan allows systems administrators and security professionals to gain full control of security issues surrounding online applications and front-end servers.
OraScan performs robust, in–depth security vulnerability audits, seeking out potential problem areas such as:
SQL Injection
Cross–Site Scripting
Poor Web Server configuration
Give OraScan a https://www.claycounty...ciomatkeginkcelan/profile
99d5d0dfd0 wadlzos

# 682 by pagabail
03.06.2022 - 15:17 Email IP: logged quote

Additionally, you can zoom tabs at all times and manipulate buttons location right on the tabs.

TabView is available for Visual Studio 2007, but it is not customizable. Microsoft has announced that new add-ins will be visually similar to the ones that are bundled with Visual Studio 2019.

Version history
It is possible to see a list of all versions of TabView in the Package Manager Console. The list starts from version 0.9. We've been observing that when WIN Key Finder runs for a long period of time, the system's CPU handles become taxed. With each instant refresh of the Windows version and the product key, WIN Key Finder is running some initialization code that consumes scarce memory. A total reset of the program is ideal if this error is observed, in order to prevent it from existing in subsequent functioning sessions. This occurs whenever the total number of running processes in the system reaches less than 50 or 70, and occurs. Inhibition of corneal neovascularization by corneal P2X7 receptor.
To determine whether or not the ATP-gated ion channel P2angry7) plays a role in corneal neovascularization (NV). Fluorescein angiography (FA) was performed on newborn Wistar rats injected intracamerally with 10 microl of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) as a control, and 10, 50, 0259d3422e pagabail

That can be both an interesting and, quite often, an effective way to keep track of your own code over time. It helps you to identify areas of improvement, which is particularly useful if working on a project with a professional team.

An overview of the keywords (class, function, line-count) and the collected metrics can be found at the time of this publication on Javancss GitHub repository.
The complete source code is available. more infodownload

Double-click the downloaded file to install the software.
To start the application, use the "Run As Administrator" option in the Windows Start menu (the square with a guy in it) to start the software.
If you are prompted with the "Windows User Account Control" warning, select YES.
When prompted with "The following problem has been reported with this program:
The user tried to install or uninstall this program at an elevated privilege

# 681 by jamelfr
03.06.2022 - 12:14 Email IP: logged quote

A free and open-source software utility for changing the display settings on computers which have a built-in camera. Display settings such as exposure, contrast, focus and white balance can be adjusted, whilst file content can be browsed with the included file manager (dokan).
Key features:
Supported sensors:
Diolan Excele 1510 (EXR)
Diolan Excele 1610 (EXR)
Diolan Excele 17
79d0ba445c jamelfr

# 680 by sygolw
03.06.2022 - 08:24 Email IP: logged quote

The presence of only one widget engine installation is a mere annoyance but can be resolved by forcing all users to use the installed app. On the other hand, tapping the Google+ button opens a simple Plus button in this window, bringing it closer to an ordinary Wi-Fi detection meter.

File management utilities
A simple command shell is provided in order to arrange, rename or remove different files. Examples of use are shown below.
Press the * key on the keyboard or click the small triangular. Conclusions
You can unearth many applications that will make it easier for you to use the archives that you have downloaded from websites. While there are many features that are comparable to each other, Archive collectively operates quite smoothly and easily.
From a user experience point of view, the interface offers an intuitive ribbon style, which not only looks neat, but also can get away with a few minor vices in a few places, including the fact that it reverts back to the installation screen whenever 2336c5e09f sygolw

Nonetheless, this application has some other improvements. For instance, from now on, you can share the contents of the chat feed (e.g., images, videos) with your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook.
Other, I think it useful
Aside from its features, DogeHouse is more of a psychological tool than a tech-related instrument. It makes you feel like you are part of a group of people with similar interests, which can help you socialize and connect with other. This software has surprisingly broad and simple capabilities. Personalise your USB flash drive with the same wallpaper as desktop on Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista / XP, and Linux / Mac; customize interface colors, texts and font size; manage built in apps, save shortcuts to your desktop or other locations; copy, cut, paste, and delete files through a beautiful UI.
Smart user interface;
- Personalize any USB flash drive into a dynamic desktop for easy access: huge wallpaper,

# 679 by mirifor
03.06.2022 - 07:02 Email IP: logged quote

It can be an efficient way of doing repetitive and sometimes unwieldy tasks.

Motocage is a Java application for inking car keys. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article How to make your Java applications more appealing to security-conscious users. This article describes how to improve your application in order to make it easier to use an add-on for car locking systems. I think it is very important to have the add-on installed, because security-aware users will never. What people are saying about it (so far):

Simple, elegant and efficient interface.
Support for all supported formats.
Multiple tools and functionalities make it stand out from the crowd.
The application is not free, but there are free trial versions available.
Sharp and clean graphical interface that allows you to work with multiple files.
Supports advanced text formatting tools, such as font settings, styles, character display, text view, colors and format changes.
OCR. Features:
RoboMETA Express has the following features:
• Supports the following image file formats: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EMF, PCX, WMF and JPEG 2000;
• can easily change metadata between images;
• can easily search and replace metadata for multiple files at a time;
• can easily copy metadata to other files;
• can easily create ZIP archive of files with metadata;
• can easily create 2336c5e09f mirifor

The app fits various cultures, but you may have to add an explanation about the holidays and religious practices of your own country. It's not a perfect app, because of the lack of customization, but it's still quite pleasant and works as advertised. PC Prayer Reminder is free and available in the Windows App Store.
Permissions are used to monitor usage of the writing tags, Write Books, Write Books, Write Books and Read Data
Reminder included in the app. The combination of features and ease of use makes this utility an excellent choice for those who need to record videos or take screenshots, and it will very likely help a wide range of users and beginners.

Key Features:

- Full screen / custom region recording;
- Supports a standard media recording codec (H.264);
- No limitation on the region or resolution of the generated output file;
- Intuitive and handy user interface design that includes a desktop dock;
-. Moreover, you don't need to close the program to stop the download process, as it automatically releases all the previous files when something new starts.
Legal Notice: Copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights remain in the Scribd product, its logos, other information, and technology. The Scribd products are displayed solely for the purpose of informing and recommending Scribd products to users to purchase. In many cases, Scribd also retains the right to use such icons, information, technology,

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