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Messageboard » Public Boards » Main Board » Spring Is Coming! Fantasy Baseball Is Back On A2K For 2010!

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registered: 30.10.2017
28.12.2017, 07:19 offline quote 

Somewhere in Georgia a Little League player is rummaging through his closet. Somewhere in Kansas a high schooler is pounding a fist into a glove. And the Major League Baseball players are packing up their gear and heading to Spring Training. In each case, there is the smell of the glove. The leathery smell of the glove. All is right with the world. The summer game of baseball is back.
We embark tonight, for the 4th season, on the A2K Fantasy Baseball League game.
We play this game on Yahoo (registration is required but is painless and does not subject anyone to spam). We can handle 14 players (no more and no less).
Players here draft a team of major league players and then your team gets matched up against someone else for a week's worth of games.
Pretty simple, requiring only 30-60 minutes a week. But it is a long season, spanning many, many weeks. We do expect a commitment for the long haul. Let me know via pm if you are interested.

Please help.
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