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registered: 30.10.2017
06.11.2017, 14:29 offline quote 


I have came back to the game after not really playing the game for a year or so. i stoped a little after 3.1. i have a few differant toons i have played but the one i have made the most progress with is my legacy char i had in 1.0 where pretty all my classes and jobs are over 50, but sence returning to the game i feel a bit lost in my rotations an trying to relearn my jobs is proveing a bit of a challenge for me. so my questions is would you all recomend a total restart of a new toon to relearn the game or should i just go to Potd an try to relearn my jobs in there. my main concern is i was gettin in to tanking before i quit the last time an i would hate to look like a total noob trying to relearn dungens an primal fights.

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