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26-year-old daughter,louboutin pas cher, Debra and 25-year-old son,tiffany italia, Michael. Although now finally able to fulfill more family responsibilities, but he still was not a chance to enjoy camaraderie, feel sorry for the young officers to set an example and so on. "I will miss working with my colleagues and to help others of the time, although some of these may sound corny." Lin Weimin said, "For me,abercrombie paris, I started working from that day onwards, every day I learn something new,pjs, will These knowledge to the young officers who, I will miss this opportunity. "In the 911 terrorist attacks.
37 Air Port Authority police killed was the survivor,magasin abercrombie france, this experience made him become iconic figures in the unit. He recalls the day in the morning, he and his canine partner "Hi Reese" (Sirius) is the World Trade Center south tower on duty, he felt the vibration of the building, so he will be locked up in the basement of Joy Reese kennel, He went out and rescue. After reaching the North Tower,bracciale tiffany, he began to divert the crowd to a safe place until 10:28 the building suddenly collapsed within 11 seconds. At that time, and 12 firefighters and three civilians came from the staircase on the fourth floor of Building B, however, the road has been broken,air max bw pas cher, they were trapped in the rubble five hours spent terrible. However,abercrombie paris, as early as half an hour ago, the South Tower had collapsed, like Reese killed.After all these years, Lin Weimin has thanked Air Port Authority to allow him to more speech,doudoune femme moncler, sharing his experience with many organizations, also saw a lot of celebrities,abercrombie paris, also was elected to the World Trade Memorial Advisory Committee. He did not know why he survived while others are dead.
July 18,tiffany firenze, according to the United States, "World News" reported that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center 911 North Tower collapse accident in one of the 16 survivors with dogs bravery involved in the rescue of the New York Port Authority SIA (Port Authority) ethnic Inspector Lin Weimin (David Lim) after 34 years in the police service,barbour soldes, order today (17) afternoon were the "last name" at LaGuardia Airport with colleagues, and a glorious farewell ceremony on retirement leave. "Starsky saying goes: The age of retirement, you know,louboutin pas cher femme," the 16th Lin Weimin said,hollister abercrombie pas cher, "you will begin to realize that to stay at home than go out and work to be relaxed, for me, it is time to retire. "Lin Weimin Far Rockaway in Queens (Far Rockaway) grow up,parajumpers homme, parents run a company called "On On Kitchen" restaurant, in which the first among local "open" takeout Chinese restaurant,woolrich italia, diners can see the kitchen work scene. According memories, 101 Branch officers under the jurisdiction of the local restaurant's regulars, these friendly chat with the police daily, inadvertently led police dream. April 7, 1980, Lin Weimin Airlines officially joined the Port Authority and the work so far.Lin Weimin said that this is a bittersweet moment, "I'm here to work for a very long time." Lin Weimin now living on Long Island Lynbrook, with his wife Diana (Diana) fathered a child and a daughter.
"Netanyahu hosted by the Brookings Institution Saban Forum (Saban Forum) said that the Palestinian leader "is not ready to face 'violence' and 'fanaticism' of the Palestinian people."Netanyahu stressed that any agreement must ensure that Israel has "a stable peace."He said: "There is no real security, there is no peace at all, but no long-term presence of the IDF, as a guarantee,giubbotto woolrich, we believe there is no security at all."Netanyahu pointed out in a recent failed efforts to seek and the Palestinian side "often refused to legitimate security concerns of our concerns with me to discuss."It was reported that Jewish settlements are the main obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. The Palestinian side has repeatedly said that Israel decided on several occasions in East Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement expansion, etc.,outlet abercrombie, for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks with Pakistan contrary.(Original title: Prime Minister accused the Palestinian Authority is responsible for breaking the peace talks, said no security without peace)EdBEIJING.




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